studying in australia why choose brisbane

Studying in Australia—Why Choose Brisbane?

You might have already decided that Australia is the best place for you to pursue your studies, but have you asked yourself exactly where in Australia you want to study? With a $135-billion economy coupled with highly educated population, Brisbane is one of the most ideal destinations for international education. The region is not only…

Events and Activities that you can refer to your students

Events and activities that you can refer to your students

More than 400,000 students from 200 countries come to Australia to pursue top-notch education and brilliant careers. To make their stay in the country better, universities organise activities and events for international students throughout the academic year. Students can take part in several social functions and programs designed to broaden perspectives and horizons and offer…

choosing the right education agent

Choosing the Right Education Agent

Education agents (or sometimes called student agents) can make the process of application to a foreign university so much easier, as discussed in our previous blog post. If you’re planning to study abroad, especially in Australia, you’ll do well to enlist the services of an agency. There are a lot, and they are all ready…


Why Australia? Tips for International Students

More than 400,000 students from 200 different countries are in Australia right now, pursuing higher education. This goes to show how popular Australia is when it comes to overseas study, in league with UK, USA and Singapore. If you’re a student looking for a top-notch university where you could pursue your dreams, you might be…


Studying In Australia 101

According to research done by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) there is a steady rise in the number of students who plan on going overseas to study. The number has increased five times over, worldwide, in the last three decades or so: from a meager 0.8 million in 1975 to a booming…