FX2School is governed by a set of Core Values. We follow these Core Values to ensure our international students, education agents, and educational institutions receive the best service possible.

Our Core Values are as follows:


We operate with strong communication, openness, and accountability ensuring all individuals within the organisation are privy to the tasks at hand, they communicate openly and clearly, and are accountable for the results that follow.


We strive to ensure our work is specific, exact, and precise. Our international students, education agents, and educational institutions entrust us to manage their tuition payments and deliver a professional service. We must be accurate and deliver a ‘better than great’ result.


Ego is the cancer of the soul… we will fight it daily to prevent its growth, with humility. We will combat dogma and hubris and always maintain a flexible mindset of constant learning.


We encourage personal and professional growth through positivity and solidarity. We are all for one, one for all. We never fight against our own team mates…. we have each others’ back. We believe 1 great person can replace 3 good people; hence we nurture, grow, and inspire people to be not just good, but great!


We ensure we manage a situation with a holistic approach, we consider variables, take on any task at hand, and execute it with precision, power, and pace. We are adaptable, we are fluid.

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