Australia is the most popular higher education destination for international students coming from Indonesia. Indonesia is also included in Australia’s top 10 source countries for International students. Australia’s Department of Education reported that during 2014, there were over 12,000 Indonesian students enrolled in Australia, determined to grab exciting opportunities for learning and excelling in their chosen courses.

To secure their slot in courses in Australia, Indonesian students have to pay their tuition through banks. This payment process requires them to convert their IDR to AUD at retail exchange rates and also pay a wire fee to transfer the AUD to the institution, which could cost thousands of rupiah in banking fees.

FX2School now helps Indonesian students avoid this painstaking and expensive process! To provide a big amount of savings for Indonesian students who plan to pursue their studies in Australia, we have collaborated with our trusted education agents and students to bring FX2School to Indonesia. We offer our market leading rates for IDR to AUD, letting students use their local currency to pay their Australian and New Zealand tuition fees.

What does this mean for students?

1. Students get an market leading exchange rate
2. The ability to pay their tuition payments directly with IDR anytime and anywhere needed
3. Avoid wire or transfer fees
4. Instantly get a quote, complete and even track their payment details.

Indonesia and FX2School - Save Thousands of Rupiah
Education Agent Partners
Fortrust Education Services
Fortrust Education Services

Established in 1994 in Sydney Australia, Fortrust is still on the leading edge in the delivery of services and the marketing of quality educational institutions to international students.

Fortrust’s humble beginnings were with an initial team of three marketing staff. Since then, Fortrust has successfully grown in both the size of its team and in the number of students it has been able to assist over the years. Fortrust receives compliments and rave reviews from educational institutions, not only for outstanding growth in student enrolment numbers and matching increases in revenue generation, but also for our quality of service and high levels of student satisfaction.

Fortrust has 6 offices in Indonesia and they may be contacted on +62 21 344 0555 or

Payment Partners
We are proud to be working with Alto in Indonesia. Alto was founded in 1994 and is a network of 22 of Indonesia’s largest banks. Through the Alto Network, bank customers can make online and physical payments to a range of merchants.

Working alongside companies such as Alto ensures our students’ security and finances are managed in the most professional manner.

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