FX2School is a payment solutions provider that helps educational institutions receive payments from international students. FX2School’s payment platform and banking infrastructure not only helps educational institutions save money, but international students also. This system makes for a more friendly and easier to use experience for international students, student agents, and institutions as a whole.

Through our ‘Core Values’ we ensure your needs and requirements as an Educational Institution, Education Agent, and International Student are handled in the most proficient manner possible.

Our mission is to streamline, assist, revolutionise, and support Educational Institution, Education Agent, and International Student across Australia and New Zealand. We are happy to help you with whatever it is you require and pride ourselves on our customer service.

FX2School uses the latest technology to ensure the privacy and integrity of students’ information and funds. All payments are held in segregated accounts with licensed banking institutions. Payments can be tracked at each stage in an open and transparent manner.

1. Head to the ‘Make A Payment‘ page.


2. Select your destination currency and enter the tuition fees payable.


3. Select your local currency and submit your quote.


4. Review your quote, and create a payment.

5. Complete your personal details and the details of the Institution/School you’re attending.

Click ‘Next’ once completed.


6. Print out your payment and deposit the quoted amount locally, or checkout using our local provider.


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