Why Trust FX2School for Online Tuition Payments

At FX2School, we make sure our customers know how our payment processing is done in a fast and secure way, but we thought we’d give you more reasons to trust FX2School, the SMART way to pay your tuition:

We are Secure

As one of Arowana Capital‘s investee companies, we are financially backed by one of Australia’s leading investment groups, Arowana & Co. Arowana Capital is an AUD 10 million early stage venture capital limited partnership that is registered and regulated by AusIndustry, an Australian Government body.

We Have Great Partners

We choose to work with trusted organisations, which makes it possible for international students to pay their Australian and New Zealand tuition fees easier.

We have partnered with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to provide excellent FX rates and secure banking infrastructure. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is a multinational bank with businesses across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Asia, USA and the United Kingdom and the largest Australian listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange.

We also make sure that we are partners with the most reputable financial institutions for each country. In the Philippines, we use DragonPay – a progressive, alternative online payment solutions provider – to help students make payments via FX2School.

We use Alto to help students from Indonesia. Through the Alto Network, bank customers can make online and physical payments to a range of merchants.

We Represent Customers and Educational Institutions Who Trust Us

We work on behalf of Australian education institutions to promote their courses. Our education institution partners include the Business Institute of Australia, the Windsor Institute of Commerce, the Warwick Institute of Australia and the Australian Institute of Higher Education.

Our international students reap benefits from the FX2School’s easy-to-use online system. “I didn’t have a hard time making the transfer using the FX2School quotation that you gave to me. Good thing that you already converted it into peso,” says Maricar, an international student from the Philippines who has used FX2School to pay her tuition and is now studying at AICL.

We know what we do

FX2 School understands the international education business, having been international students, education agents and investors in educational institutions ourselves. Using the latest technology to ensure the privacy of our customers’ information and funds, FX2School makes for a more friendly and easier to use experience for international students, student agents and institutions as a whole.

If you want to try FX2School services, feel free to contact us. We’ll talk you through every step of the way so you can understand exactly what a student who’s making a payment would experience.

(Image Source: Cronkite News Online)